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Basel June 20 , 2019
A novel on-site NanoTECH Pavilion, intelligent networking opportunities with the new Matchmaking Programme and an extensive conference programme with 74 sessions can be expected by visitors to the 34th essay of Chemspec Europe, the international exhibition for fine and specialty chemicals, which is slated to take place at Messe Basel in Switzerland on June 26 and 27, 2019.

NanoTECH Pavilion
Chemspec Europe, oganised by Mack Brooks Exhibitions, is an important trend barometer for the industry. In addition to exhibitors presenting their innovative substances and bespoke solutions, an extensive conference programme will cover the latest industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

With the new NanoTECH Pavilion, Chemspec Europe 2019 highlights companies and organisations from the nanotechnology industry.

Nanotechnology is regarded as one of the most important research fields of the 21st century and offers immense potential for future innovations. Findings are useful in various fine, custom and specialty chemicals sectors.

The dedicated on-site area offers visitors of Chemspec Europe 2019 an attractive opportunity to explore the latest nanotechnological innovations and discuss bespoke solutions with industry experts.

Furthermore, several sessions of this year’s conference programme will focus on nanotechnology. These are as follows:
  • Nano-enabling your company – Managing regulation for product success by Dr Claire Skentelbery, NIA (Regulatory Services Lecture Theatre)
  • The use and benefits of nanomaterials in dental applications by Dr Nora Reinhardt, Mathym SAS (Pharma Lecture Theatre)
  • Membrane Enhanced Chemical and Biochemical Processes: The Effect of Nanomodification of Membrane Surface on Process Efficiencies by Marzio Monagheddu, VITO Belgium (RSC Lecture Theatre)
  • A change is REACHed for nanomaterials by Dr Neil Hunt, Yordas Group (Regulatory Services Lecture Theatre)
New Matchmaking Programme
Networking has always been an essential part of Chemspec Europe. This year, visitors will have the opportunity to use a new Matchmaking Programme, free of charge. The online service allows visitors who are looking for specific business solutions, products or services to select contacts by keywords and arrange meetings with exhibitors who provide such solutions. Visitors who registered via the Chemspec Europe website will get an invitation to use the networking service.

Extensive Conferences Programme
The accompanying conference programme complements the topical variety of the exhibition. In four lecture theatres, a total of 74 conference sessions provide insights into current challenges and opportunities and encourage discussions and networking with international industry colleagues.

In the Agrochemical Lecture Theatre, which is sponsored by AGROW, the Agrochemical Outlook Conference offers lectures on Challenges and Opportunities in 2019.

Between 2pm and 5pm on June 26, 2019, over 15 start-ups will present their innovations. The Innovative Start-ups conference will take place in association with BCNP Consultants, and includes short presentations as well as a panel discussion.

In the Pharma Lecture Theatre, several speakers will give lectures on trends, challenges and outlook of the pharmaceutical industry.

At 9:30pm on June 26, 2019 at 9:30, Dr Magid Abou-Gharbia, director, Moulder Centre for Drug Discovery Research, will give a presentation on the topic Challenges Facing the Pharmaceutical Industry in Today’s Environment.

The Pharma Outsourcing Best Practices Panel will take place on both exhibition days with participation of some high-calibre guests.

The two-day RSC Symposium of the Royal Society of Chemistry includes lectures on Reducing Environmental Impact. In the Regulatory Services Lecture Theatre, everything will revolve around Regulatory and Chemicals Management Issues.

One day before the show, (i.e., on June 25, 2019), EFCG (the European Fine Chemicals Group) will return with the Crop Protection and Fine Chemicals Forum between 2pm and 5:30pm. For this conference, advance registration is required via the Chemspec Europe website.

On a record net exhibition space of some 6,300sq m, a total of 378 exhibitors from 27 countries - a five per cent increase vis-a-vis the 2018 edition - will cover the full spectrum of fine and specialty chemicals for various applications and industries, including pharma, agro, polymers, food and feed ingredients, flavours and fragrances, pigments and dyes, paints and coatings, household and cleaning chemicals, bio-based chemicals, biocatalysts, adhesives and sealants, petrochemicals, electronics and many others.

Operating in a rapidly changing market, the fine and speciality chemicals industry experiences a multitude of challenges.

Digitalisation, new trends, such as power foods and bio-based cosmetics, and sustainability are not just buzzwords. In fact, these aspects and the need for cost reduction determine the industry, forcing companies to continuously adapt to markets and customer needs.

Therefore, it has become more important than ever to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and product innovations as well as to meet the right business partners.

Major European exhibitor countries are Germany, France, Great Britain and Switzerland. Non-European exhibitors mainly come from India, China and the USA.

“The growth of the exhibition and the remarkable line-up of exhibitors underlines the show’s unique position as the premier specialised trading and networking event for the fine and specialty chemicals industry in Europe,” stated Liljana Goszdziewski, exhibition director, Chemspec Europe, on behalf of Mack Brooks Exhibitions.

“Chemspec Europe is a key event in the fine and specialty chemicals industry to identify synergies and new business opportunities. Visitors will have the chance to meet with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of fine and specialty chemicals to source bespoke solutions and innovative substances, exchange expertise and build international contacts,” Goszdziewski said.

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