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Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai August 02 , 2022
The Government of India is ready to help and support the Ayush drug manufacturers to export their products to foreign markets in order to create a global presence for Indian traditional medicines.

The Union ministry of commerce has agreed to reimburse the expenses incurred for quality certifications, clinical trials, product registrations and plant inspections under an export promotion scheme, called Market Access Initiative (MAI).

To avail the benefits and promote the exports, the industry needs to talk about science and evidence rather than constantly chanting about heritage and philosophy. Besides, all the ongoing research work on the basis of science and technology on Ayurveda and other streams of the Ayush need to be compiled to highlight the potential of traditional medicines to prove that they are of substantiated science, opines Dr. Ravi Udaya Bhaskar, director general of the Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil).

While addressing the Ayurveda drug manufacturers in Kerala through online, in a conference called by the Pharmexcil, to give awareness about exports, he said the global population is looking out for alternatives to modern medicines for various reasons which have increased the demand for traditional medicines as well as their credibility worldwide. About the scope of exports of Ayurveda, he informed the participants that India had exported Ayush and value added extracts of medicinal herbs to over 150 countries in the 2021-22 period worth USD 612.83 million.

“A host of research work is carried out in a lot of institutions and centres, but they are all doing them in their own directions and perspectives. It is high time the centres of research put together all their investigations and experimentations to establish that Ayurveda and other traditional drugs are evidence-based” he said in his speech.

According to him, as an industry Ayurveda has not seen its potential growth so far when compared to its increasing global acceptance and the capability to heal ailments. To overcome the hurdles for global growth, the traditional healing industry has to prove that it is a substantiated science.  He wanted the participants of the meeting to join together for a concerted effort to promote the country’s own traditional system of Ayurveda as an evidence-based medicine to the entire world.

He said, by unveiling WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (GCTM) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India aimed to harness the potential of traditional medicines from across the world using science and technology to improve the health of the people. Dr. Uday Bhaskar pointed out that the advantage of the time-tested Ayurveda medicines of the country benefited a large number of people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The director general of the Pharmexcil said the council is currently handholding the operations for Ayush exports for a short period only as the union government is in the process of constituting an Ayush Export Promotion Council (Ayushexcil). Once it takes form, the Ayush sector can also contribute largely to the global healthcare sector.

The export oriented program was organized by the export promotion council in association with the Ayurveda drug manufacturers association in Kerala (AMMOI).

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