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A Raju, Hyderabad November 19 , 2021
To boost manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in the country, it is high time both the state and central governments must develop adequate infrastructure facilities and come out with incentive schemes to encourage more investors in the segment, said the Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (BDMA) president R K Agrawal.

“There are more than 1,500 bulk drug units across India, but the major issue facing these units today is related to lack of infrastructure facilities and lack of support from the government both financially and infrastructure. Government support in the R&D sector is very low and the bulk drug industry is suffering due to high interests on borrowings,” observed the BDMA president.

Stressing that the governments must work to promote pharma clusters across India, the BDMA president said that instead of insisting the pharma industries to install highly advanced and costly zero liquid discharge equipments, the government must come forward and develop the common effluent treatment plants (CETP) facilities, wherein the pharma units which come and establish in the pharma clusters can use them with ease without incurring much cost on their operations.

The BDMA president felt that of the many bulk drug units established across India, majority of them are small scale enterprise (SMEs) and these SMEs cannot afford to put high capital inputs to establish their units. In view of this, the BDMA president indicated that if the government can come up with incentive schemes and financial assistance to these SMEs many more investors can come forward to set up their API units across India.

Counting on the initiatives taken up by the Telangana government to build Asia’s largest integrated pharma city project in Hyderabad, the BDMA president expressed happiness that the state government has taken a bold and encouraging initiative to further boost the already flourishing bulk drug sector in the state. He observed that if each and every state takes up such initiatives in the country, then definitely India will become major API exporter to the world in the future. “The bulk drug industry is very thankful to Telangana Government for very good initiative as pharma manufacture was key industry sector of Hyderabad. In fact, after separation from Andhra Pradesh, there was no official pharma park existing in Telangana. With the pharma city project, this is expected to boost the growth of API industry in the state,” observed the BDMA president.

Referring to the pharma industry in Andhra Pradesh state, the BDMA president appreciated the good work done by the AP government to set up new pharma clusters in the state to boost the bulk drug industry, however he felt that the state is also facing many challenges like limited pharma infrastructure, lack of skilled manpower, lack of academic infrastructure to support Industry, and logistics and connectivity related issues.

Keeping all these challenges in view, the BDMA president felt that the API industry needs a hand holding support from the government so as to establish its roots strongly and compete with the global players in the future.

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