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Shardul Nautiyal, Mumbai June 07 , 2023
Delhi-based Indian company Jagat Pharma has expanded its product offerings to address a broader range of health conditions that can be treated with ayurvedic treatments. This includes remedies for eye care, sexual wellness, immunity and wellness, pain relief, female hygiene and cough relief.

The company’s recent accreditation by the World Health Organization - good manufacturing practices (WHO-GMP) certificate and Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products (CoPP) for its Isotine Plus ayurvedic eye drops makes it the country's first ayurvedic eye drop manufacturer to receive the WHO-GMP certificate and CoPP.

In addition, Dr Basu Eye Hospital has also announced the results of a study conducted by Professor Yamini of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) on using Jagat Pharma's Isotine herbal eye drops for cataract-induced vision impairment. The study demonstrated significant improvement in visual acuity among the 308 cataract patients treated with Isotine.

Dr. Mandeeep Singh Basu, CEO, Jagat Pharma informed, “Our achievements also include conducting corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities nationwide and organizing free eye and cataract camps. The company’s products are top-rated among those who value natural and sustainable healthcare solutions. Catering to people of all ages, including children and the elderly, we strive to provide effective remedies free from harmful chemicals and safe for long-term use.”

Dr Basu further informed that Jagat Pharma is actively present in the retail ecosystem. Alongside being available on various e-commerce platforms, the company’s products are sold through physical retail stores nationwide.

Talking about the plans ahead, Dr Basu informed that the company's future endeavor is to establish ourselves in the arena of pain relief, skincare and hair care products. We have our presence in  sexual health wellness products running successfully in the market and will soon be coming up with various other products in this segment too.

Established in 1988, the driving force behind Jagat Pharma formation is the sound understanding of ayurvedic medicine and the goal of raising awareness about its benefits among the general public.

“My father, Dr MS Basu, was a highly esteemed ayurvedic physician. With a firm belief in Ayurveda's natural healing capabilities, I felt a personal responsibility to continue my father's legacy of providing ayurvedic treatments. Through our professional practice, we had the opportunity to witness first-hand the positive impact of ayurvedic medicines on patients with various health conditions, including eye problems. This experience highlighted the growing need for ayurvedic treatments that could effectively address the increasing prevalence of eye conditions resulting from pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. The primary objective was to develop and promote ayurvedic medications and treatments that enhance eye health and prevent vision issues. Over time, Jagat Pharma has grown in stature and reputation over time, offering a diverse range of products that support overall health and well-being. At Jagat Pharma, our vision is to become the leading centre of excellence in ayurvedic eye care,” Dr Basu explained the success story.

The demand for natural and holistic alternatives to conventional medicine is increasing. In the coming years, the company aims to innovate and develop new products that cater to the evolving healthcare needs of customers.

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