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Anurag More, Mumbai July 02 , 2022
Madhavbaug, one of the leading chain of cardiac care clinics and hospitals, is planning to expand business vertically and horizontally.

“We have about 520 therapy cabins across 260 centres and out of these 520 therapy cabins, we perform about 35,000 to 37,000 Panchakarma procedures every month. But the capacity of these 520 therapy cabins is more than 91,000 therapies to be performed every month. So, we are performing at an occupancy level of 35 to 40 per cent only and we can have more therapies to be done in these therapy cabins which will help us to grow vertically deeper into the existing therapy stations that we have. So, in the vertical expansion plan, we will improve occupancy levels of these existing therapy cabins. The second would be to increase the number of therapy cabins from 520 to 650 cabins," said Dr Rohit Sane, MD and CEO, Madhavbaug.

In the horizontal expansion plan, we are going to new geographies like Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.  In these new geographies we have a lot to be explored yet. So, going deeper into these geographies and expanding from 260 clinics to about 500 clinics is going to be our plan for the next two years. We will also be coming up with 14 new product lines and these products are almost ready for launch in the coming couple of months. So, with the new products, we will get a higher number of patients who will get enrolled for these services which will again increase number of therapies to be performed. We are also looking out to help the patients who cannot reach the clinics through our telemedics vertical, and through this vertical we plan to boost the online consultations for those patients who would like to reverse their disease staying remotely, Dr Sane said.

"That is going to be a very important expansion plan and on the top of it, we plan to create about 1,000 Madhav Bagh Associate Doctors who can practice the Madhav Baug principle using Madhav Baug products. We also plan to create more than 1,000 such Madhav Baug Associate Doctors who can practice this Madhav Baug science in their clinic itself without disturbing their own practice in their own clinics. So, these are the basic vertical and horizontal expansion plans that we were planning," added Dr Sane.

Madhavbaug has one hospital in Khopoli which is near Mumbai and second hospital near Kondhali near Nagpur. The company plans to increase bed size of these hospitals. At present Khopoli hospital has around 45 beds and Kondhali hospital has about 20 beds. In the coming two years we plan to add 100 beds to the Khopoli hospital and about 40 beds to Kondhali hospital. Talking about investments, he said, "to support these expansion plans, we will be investing about Rs. 16 crore in increasing the awareness to improve the occupancy of the existing therapy cabins under our vertical expansion plan. In these Rs. 16 crore, we will be improving the total awareness about the therapies and the disease reversal in and around Maharashtra as well in the new geographies of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra as well as other states where we are planning to expand. Along with these Rs. 16 crore, for horizontal expansion plan, we will be planning to come up with 40 more centres in this year."

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