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Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru August 04 , 2022
Make in India and PLI schemes have led to new employment avenues in pharma and medical devices sectors giving both entry level and experienced candidates job opportunities for growth.

There is a need for specific skill-sets for both medical devices and pharmaceutical industry in the areas of research and development, tech-embedded operations, workforce armed with medical know-how with a responsibility to adhere to stringent regulations of domestic and global requirements.

According to Arvind Vaishnav, vice president, head of Philips Innovation Campus, Bengaluru, globally healthcare leaders are embarking on a transformation; revisiting new and existing priorities from addressing staff shortages, to extending care delivery, to leveraging big data and predictive analytics, as they attempt to address new realities across healthcare.

Investments in digital health technologies and capabilities continue to grow. Use of digital health records, telehealth and artificial intelligence (AI) tools can enhance efficiency and connect to remote areas The power of big data and predictive analytics potentially present significant opportunities to improve the quality, cost and speed of care, Vaishnav told Pharmabiz.
From a PIC perspective, there are over 4,500 engineers, scientists, business developers, and clinical experts, working on the digital transformation of healthcare and integrated care pathways. Based our of Bengaluru positions us well to tap into the vibrant local ecosystem, speed up innovation, and offer technology solutions to both emerging and developed markets. We attract, on-board and retain the best talent to accelerate meaningful innovation to improve people’s life and well-being, he added.
According to Aditya Narayan Mishra, director and CEO, CIEL HR Services, “Over the last two years, the mindshare occupied by the pharmaceutical industry has been higher than ever before worldwide. The Government of India acknowledged this need and has taken several initiatives to strengthen this sector. Global pharma giants and Indian companies are on a hiring spree. ‘Make in India’ and PLI policies are expected to further raise the employment generation opportunities.”

In its latest Employment Trends in Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers in India 2022, CIEL Works indicates a 23 percent rise in employee numbers over the past two years, across pharma plants and see both Make in India and PLI to be a game-changer and expected to give rise to significant employment generation opportunities.

Both medical devices and pharma account for a majority of the workforce to be employed in the sales and business development functions which underlines the need to build talent around excellence in sales and commercial operations.

Mumbai is the hottest location for pharmaceuticals manufacturers talent, with 35% of the job posting in this region followed by Bengaluru with 31%. Other regions are Hyderabad with 8% Delhi NCR with 6% and Gujarat with 4%. Majority of the job postings are by the global pharma giants, as per the CIEL Works report.

With the rapid adoption of digitization and technology in the sector, IT has become an important function with 18% of all job postings. Around 11% of job postings are for data analysts.

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